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Bolek and Lolek… symphonicly!

The end of the next edition of the multimedia concert "Bolek and Lolek symphonically", carried out as part of the original series of the Beethoven Academy Orchestra at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center.

22 / 12 / 2023

The sounds of nostalgia, laughter and magic have just subsided after this sentimental journey into the world of adventures of iconic Polish cartoon characters. Although this magical moment is over, we can't wait for the next one, because next year we will have the opportunity to say hello to Reksio! During this year's concert, special attention was paid to our irreplaceable head of the SFR film archive - Bogusław Ochodek, who shared his knowledge with us. Every concert is a great adventure for us. We would like to thank everyone who came with whom we could enjoy wonderful live music.

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