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Barbórka at the Studio Filmów Rysunkowych - the film "Heritage" paying tribute to miners

On the occasion of the miners' holiday, St. Barbara's Day, we would like to share our new project "Heritage".

07 / 12 / 2023

St. Barbara's Day, the miners' holiday, is a time of reflection on the hardships and beauty of mining work. On this occasion, we would like to share a unique project - "Heritage".

The film, directed by Barbara Koniecka, is being made in our Studio! This is a story that takes us on a journey to the 1970s in Upper Silesia, where the grayness of everyday life contrasts with the colorful world of dreams.

The production was carried out thanks to the financial support of the Silesian Film Fund run by the SILESIA FILM Film Institution, which was established by the Silesian Voivodeship Government.

For us, "Heritage" is not just a film - it is a tribute to those who shaped the history of Silesia. At this special time, we would like to pay tribute to all miners.

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