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SFR and the Cinematography Museum in Łódź!

We happily visited the Cinematography Museum in Łódź. During our visit, we discovered the history of cinema by exploring the exhibition, films and fascinating exhibits.

27 / 11 / 2023
Sordyl Honorata

On December 15, we had the pleasure of visiting the Cinematography Museum, where our team, headed by director Maciej Chmiel, visited the "Łódź Filmowa" exhibition, which focused on silent classics and unique exhibits.

We started the tour by watching fragments of the film "The Promised Land" directed by Aleksander Hertz. Then we looked closely at objects such as Kazimierz Prószyński's "Oko" camera, photo plasticon and orchestrion.

We would like to thank our exhibition guide for sharing his extraordinary knowledge about the history of cinematography.

We can't wait for more projects together! We will share all the details with you soon. We encourage you to follow our news.


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